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"These individuals are not anomalies or aberrations, they are active and influential leaders who have made significant contributions to their communities"
- Raynard Jackson
Founder & Chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future.

Attendees for the 5th Annual Black Republican Trailblazer Award Celebration weekend had the privilege of hearing the distinguished honorees share both their roots with Republican Party and their hopes for its future.

Fourth Annual Black Republican Trailblazers Awards – Awards Luncheon

Our fourth annual Black Republican Trailblazer Awards Luncheon was created to pay homage to Black Republicans who have made a positive to contribution to America, the Black community, and the Republican Party. It’s not about honoring someone with a title, but rather, honoring an individual who has made a difference in our country. Unfortunately, many…
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Fourth Annual Black Republican Trailblazers Awards – VIP Reception

The VIP reception with the Trailblazers provided the audience a chance to see our honorees all together for a panel discussion about their personal and political journies. It also allowed the audience the opportunity to personally meet, socialize and take photos with each of the honorees. ► BRIAMARIE PERFORMANCE AND INTERVIEW HONOREE PANEL DISCUSSION: PART…
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